If Your Smartphone is an Extension of Your Body, You'll Love the Buick Regal Sportback

Your smartphone is almost like an extension of your body. You use it to wake you in the morning for work, and you use it to organize your music and talk to loved ones on the phone. Having your smartphone charged and connected in the car is important. And with the popular luxury sedan, the Buick Regal Sportback, you can keep your phone powered and connected to WiFi.

In the center console is a slot where you can put your phone to charge wirelessly. No need to cords that get in the way or lost later. You'll also love that you won't have to use your data while in your vehicle. The Buick Regal Sportback has built-in WiFi capabilities so that you have online access wherever you go.

And if you like phone capabilities, you'll also like the ability to connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which makes connecting to the features on your smartphone even easier.

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